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This particular fanlisting is for fans of the book "Movies In Fifteen Minutes", by Cleolinda Jones, where ten of the biggest movies are parodied in only about 15 minutes of reading, and the related LiveJournal community, where you can find many other movie parodies by the same author, completely for free. If you're a fan of them, feel free to join!

(from the back of the book, so not too spoilery)

Scenes from a Long-Expected Party (The Lord of the Rings)

[Bilbo and Gandalf light up on a hilltop overlooking the party preparations. They are smoking a tobacco-like substance that is completely harmless and non-carcinogenic. They are totally not getting high. Never]

GANDALF: Dude, that's some good shit right there.

BILBO: What can I say? Bolger's got a good stash. They don't call him Fatty for nothin' you know.

* * *

SAM: Oh, Rosie is so pretty tonight. I wish I were brave enough to dance with her.

FRODO: Oh, Sam - you and your comical attempts at heterosexuality!

* * *

BILBO: And then the trolls couldn't decide whether to boil us alive seasoned only by our own screams or to break our bones and suck the gory marrow! And then they said, "Hey, let's do both!" So they stuffed us in a sack with rabid zombie badgers, who started chewing on Bofur's head, and-

KIDS: *run away screaming*

* * *

[Gandalf does his part to terrify the children with exploding butterflies and, later, a jig.]